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An interactive online course for building bold art careers

Do you struggle with selling, showing, and marketing your work?

Do you feel the “business side” of art is overwhelming or you don’t know where to start?

Do you wonder how to get your work in galleries?

Would you rather spend your time in your studio and not deal with it all?

This course was created for artists like you.

This course is what’s missing in most art schools: how to build a career.

Instructor: Jen Tough

I am a current gallerist and former art director, and I love working with artists to find new and unique ways of navigating the art market. In this course, I’ll be showing artists how to accelerate their art careers through a 3-part method that is geared for visual learners, simple, and highly effective. You’ll learn the missing bits and pieces of a typical 4-year art school education in one informative, interactive, and supportive month. Artists will leave this course with a clear understanding of their career path and actionable tasks to reach their goals.

About the Course

This program is online, interactive, and intensive. It is also enriching, casual, and community minded. You can participate on your own schedule from anywhere in the world, on any type of device, as long as you have an Internet connection.

There is a lot of material covered in a short period of time in this course. Lessons are delivered sequentially, uploaded twice a week to the member website, each lesson building upon the previous. There will be printable materials accompanying each lesson that include links and bonus material.

Each day following a lesson release, we will meet live via webinar where I will answer any and all questions and go over the previous day’s video. There will also be a private forum available 24/7 on the member site for enrolled artists to ask questions to me or the community. The forum is also a great place to meet fellow artists, expand your network and build community.

Enrolled artists will have access to the member’s website until 00000000 so they can review and rewatch lessons and webinars, and participate in the member’s forum. All live webinars will be recorded and stored online, along with all video lessons. So don’t worry if you can’t attend every webinar, or if you want to re-watch a video lesson.They will all be stored online for you to view anytime from their release date until November 01.

About the Instructor

I was an studio art major in the 1980s and my school only gave a short course about marketing and career development close to graduation. It was an enlightening class, but far too short and impractical for the real world. I left with a BFA with honors, but no idea how to build a career, only how to make art.

I moved to Los Angeles shortly after graduating and my BFA got me a job as a maid cleaning apartments, which was really gross and super depressing. I couch surfed for several months until I could afford a basement apartment. In a classic case of “I wish I knew then what I know now”, I believed I couldn’t continue to create art and still pay my rent. I reluctantly turned my focus on graphic design, and stopped making art altogether. But with hard work and persistence, I ended up creating a really satisfying and creative career, and worked my way up to being an Art Director for Urban Outfitters, Hollywood Records, numerous magazines, Nike, and Warner Bros Records.

The majority of my career was as a freelancer, so I learned how to market myself. And as an art director, I learned how to market companies to their target audience. Along the way, photographers, artists and illustrators in turn marketed themselves to me. So I learned a lot in those 20+ years about what works—and what doesn’t— with marketing and promotion from multiple angles, and how to build a career.

Now I’ve returned to art, not as an artist, but as a gallerist, because I learned I have a better eye than hand. I hear from artists everyday who are looking for ways to show their work, get representation or shows, how to sell their work, or how to know the best path to take to reach their goals. After teaching several shorter workshops on the subject, I realized artists would be far better served to have all of this information in one package, delivered sequentially. So I created this intensive online course that will take just one dedicated month, and covers all of the material taught in my other shorter workshops.

I’m really excited to share this with you. I look forward to working with you.—Jen Tough

This program is practical, realistic and loaded with common sense. It is for artists interested in working inside the gallery system or completely outside of it. It offers insights and strategies through a simple yet highly effective 3-part methodology. It is designed to build careers and confidence in order to navigate this complex new art market and find success.

Some of What We Cover

-An actionable, 3-Part Method for demystifying the “business side of art”

-Defining art goals and how to achieve them

-How to elevate your work and make it stand out without losing authenticity

-How to approach and spark relationships with art galleries

-The best way to forge your own path without galleries

-Forming artist collectives to increase exposure and credibility

-Alternative exhibition opportunities: art fairs, pop-ups, and more

-Social media, marketing and PR for artists

-Websites, branding and advertising strategies

-Methods for naturally growing and leveraging your networks

-Simple and highly effective ways to sell your art without being “salesy”

-The power of display and how to make it work for you

-Creating authority and credibility to increase sales and attract buyers, gallerists, curators and other art professionals

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Lesson release dates

Week 1: Sat Aug 3 / Tues Aug 6

Week 2: Sat Aug 10 / Tues Aug 13

Week 3: Sat Aug 17 / Tues Aug 20

Week 4: Sat Aug 24 / Tues Aug 28

All lessons are previously recorded video and artists can view any time desired at their leisure after they are uploaded to the member site. They are released in sequential order, one lesson building on the previous. The live webinar the next day will align with the previous day’s video lesson, and is an opportunity to ask questions and expand conversation about the lesson.

All lessons will stored online for unlimited watching after the release date, and available through November 01, 2019 for members.

Live webinar dates

All webinars are at 4:00 Pacific / 7:00 Eastern

Week 1: Sun Aug 4 / Wed Aug 7

Week 2: Sun Aug 11 / Wed Aug 14

Week 3: Sun Aug 18 / Wed Aug 21

Week 4: Sun Aug 25 / Wed Aug 29

Week 5 (wrap up) Sun Sept 1

If you miss webinars, they will be recorded and online for unlimited viewing after it has ended. They will be stored online for unlimited watching after release date, and available through Nov 01, 2019.

What’s included

2 live webinars each week: There will be a total of eight (8) 90-minute webinars for the month. Webinars will be held the day after a video lesson is released, to cover any questions you may have about the previous lesson. Each webinar is recorded, so if you miss a webinar, or want to watch it again, you can anytime for 90 days.

2 video lessons released each week: There will be a total of 8 video lessons totalling over 12 hours of content. Each week we will release two hour/+ long videos, followed by a live webinar the following day to cover any questions students may have.The lessons are professionally recorded, and are released sequentially to build on the material from one lesson to the next. Students can watch (or re-watch) any of the videos for 90 days, long after the month long course has ended for maximum benefit.

Private members only forum, moderated by Jen Tough, accessible 24 hours a day to the enrolled artist community for asking questions of Jen Tough and fellow students, get feedback and support, share artwork, and more.

Printable packets for each video: 8 printable PDFs that align with each video, and include resources, tips and further information.

Bonus materials: 100 tips and tricks for marketing, links and lists of resources, art fair insider info, marketing cheat sheet and more

$495 all inclusive with no hidden fees.

Enrollment is limited. Please register early to secure your place.

Cancel up to Tuesday, August 6 with no penalty and full refund (minus processing fees of 5%). Enrolled artists have unlimited access to all webinars, videos, bonus content and forum through November 01, 2019.