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Our gallery and workshop spaces are in the historic Benicia Arsenal in Benicia, California. The arsenal is a large area comprised of many former military buildings, and the building we inhabit is a stately brick structure built in 1878. Spend a few hours or a whole weekend with us in Benicia, where you’ll find plenty of dining options, shops and antique stores on Benicia’s waterfront First Street, just a 3 minute drive from the historic Benicia Arsenal.

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August 2 / Francesca Borgatta: Puppet Making and Manipulation

August 2 / Francesca Borgatta: Puppet Making and Manipulation


Date: Friday, August 2, 4:00-6:00

Location: 940 Tyler St, Studio 29, Benicia, CA 94510

Join us for a fun Friday workshop creating whimsical puppets! Participants will make puppets incorporating recycled materials and experiment with manipulating their puppets with voice and movement to tell a story. Participants will get an introduction of materials and techniques used to create puppets, along with puppet construction and manipulation.

Supply list: re-cycled materials, sticks and other natural elements,, cloth, artificial flowers, etc.

About the instructor: Francesca Borgatta makes puppets, exhibits, and installations. She designs activities so people can make their own art, and use it, to develop images for group interaction. Her themes examine cultural identity, sense of belonging, and the uses of art to generate communication.

To make her art, Francesca combines re-cycled objects and materials taken from nature. To begin a puppet, she joins a few elements, to examine the interplay of qualities-shape, color, and texture, inherent in their forms. If this construct appears as a segment of a face or figure, she paints on layers of glue, adding cloth or paper to unify the surface, emphasizing aspects and adding new elements to explain its nature. If two figures seem related, she builds a scene for their encounter. She may develop text and dialogue to explain their predicament. She seeks to involve the audience, stating a situation with which people can identify, asking them to manipulate puppets or other things, to reflect on their experience.

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