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Our gallery and workshop spaces are in the historic Benicia Arsenal in Benicia, California. The arsenal is a large area comprised of many former military buildings, and the building we inhabit is a stately brick structure built in 1878. Spend a few hours or a whole weekend with us in Benicia, where you’ll find plenty of dining options, shops and antique stores on Benicia’s waterfront First Street, just a 3 minute drive from the historic Benicia Arsenal.

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July 26 - 28 / Monumental Painting

July 26 - 28 / Monumental Painting


Date: 3 day workshop / 10:00-5:00 with one hour lunch break

Location: 940 Tyler St, Studio 29, Benicia, CA 94510


Stretch your creativity and your body while creating a large scale painting. Learn about the different stages of making a painting as we guide you through the process. The result is a large 3 ft x 5 foot painting on a stretched canvas that you can bring home or for ease of transport you can detach it from the stretcher bars and roll it up.

You will learn:

To get comfortable with a painting 3ft x 5 ft.

Learn to create the illusion of 3 dimensional space to achieve volume and contrast.

Learn to use large scale tools to build a visual story.Learn to interact with the canvas through bold physicality.

About the Diane Williams: Diane Williams is a master painter who uses intuitive color, bold brushwork and monumental scale as a vehicle for the voice of the strong feminine to weave nature's story across time. 

Multiple layers chronicle what is concrete and what is illusive; erasures remind us that nothing is permanent, yet everything leaves an impression. The calm, vast space of the canvas allows a story to be told through generations. 

​Her paintings invite the viewer to enter uncharted territory; a world where women and elders are revered as holders of our collective intuitive lineage and where listening to one's intuition is the highest form of prayer.

Diane’s website:

About Chuck Potter: Chuck Potter creates spiritual sanctuaries where viewers are encouraged to slow down so they can connect with what stirs inside them for guidance on their purpose. His work is abstract, medium to larger in scale, and textural. Currently, he works with various custom plaster surfaces, layering feathers, twine, and paper in particular patterns on a fresco (wet surface). Using a homemade rust solution, sumi ink, and acrylic paint, Chuck then covers the surface in paper towels soaked in these various solutions. This staining process emulates the recording and decaying of marks and patterns over time. Images and forms appear as glyphs left by some forgotten language on an ancient monument or wall. 

Chuck’s website:


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