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Our gallery and workshop spaces are in the historic Benicia Arsenal in Benicia, California. The arsenal is a large area comprised of many former military buildings, and the building we inhabit is a stately brick structure built in 1878. Spend a few hours or a whole weekend with us in Benicia, where you’ll find plenty of dining options, shops and antique stores on Benicia’s waterfront First Street, just a 3 minute drive from the historic Benicia Arsenal.

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Oct 12 + 13 / Anne Leveque: Makeovers

Oct 12 + 13 / Anne Leveque: Makeovers


Date: October 12 and 13, 11:00-3:00

Location: 940 Tyler St, Studio 29, Benicia, CA 94510


Do you have a painting, well PARTS of a painting that you just love with another part in the same painting that just doesn't do it?

I Love to teach how to do a makeover of a painting that you want to be invigorated, infused with chance and mutl-layers of depth, while still maintaining the PARTS YOU LOVE.

Some of my best paintings are the ones I have painted ""over""/ make over.

Schedule: Swift work over with new techniques the first day followed by a pulling together of the make over work the second day. It can be done!

About the instructor: Huge abstract landscapes and non-objective work are Anne Leveque's spatial inspirations for oil on canvas. Her long view / aim is to push through abstract landscapes towards non-objective work, the goal being absolutely the obliteration of all image as they might creep in as Leveque paints. If she can do this it frees the viewer to “see what they see.” Throughout the process of up to 30 layers, Leveque is ever-mindful of leaving no recognizable imposed image.

Color choice is very important but Anne Leveque has no physical palette. The paint goes directly from the tube onto the canvas and then she moves it around, wipes it off, blends, sands, scrapes, etc., to create depth. When Leveque begins a painting, the canvas is blank and her mind ever more so, having prepared herself in solitude for a couple of days before she begins to paint.
To achieve a sense of peace in each piece, Anne Leveque concentrates on her breath of both dramatic expansive strokes of emotion and, later, sensitive detail. The breath will set the tone of the painting. Another day starts and Leveque begins to know where the painting is going. If she gets this far and continues, the work will usually be successful. If the viewer can sense this essence of Peace, then the work circles back and the work is complete. Painting has taken Leveque into a fully aesthetic and ascetic life of solitude, peace, and tranquility.

Anne Leveque has traveled the world and she lived in Asia from 2010 - 2016. 
To travel extensively internationally is to understand humankind more fully and this has influenced Leveque's philosophy and painting profoundly.

Materials fee for workshop: $25.00



Free and unlimited coffee, tea and bottled water. Bring your carafe!

Lunch Options: 1. Bring your own lunch and store in our refrigerator if needed, 2. drive 3 min away to quaint downtown Benicia and choose from a huge variety of restaurants (we provide map and recommendations), 3. Place your order with us in the morning of class from a limited menu from our restaurant of the day and have it delivered to the studio (lunch and delivery is $20, payable upon ordering). For those with allergies or food restrictions, we recommend bringing a sack lunch as we cannot accommodate special requests. On nice days, join us on the leafy patio by the fountain for dining al fresco.


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