Instructor Insurance

Instructor Insurance Requirement

We have a new requirement for all instructors to carry liability insurance because our instructors are defined as independent contractors (ie, not employed by us). We realize that many other locations that host workshops do not require this. We do. There is a lot of misunderstanding about this subject we’ve found, so we’ve wrote out some things we’ve learned to try and help.

What we need: Proof of liability insurance with Okey Dokey Inc/Jen Tough Gallery named as “Additionally Insured” or “certificate holder”. We must have a copy of your policy prior to teaching.

Our recommendation: Get an annual policy for liability on your independent contractor business if you teach more than one workshop a year. It will cost around $150-300 for an entire year, and cover you for multiple locations. If you teach internationally, it will be more expensive.

Student waivers do not cover instructors for any injury: All of our registered students agree to our terms and conditions, in which they consent not to hold us liable for injury. But that does not cover our instructors as independent contractors, nor does it prevent a student’s insurance company from seeking damages.

How to get it: If you own a home, you may be able to get a rider, especially if you teach less than 2 times a year. If you have liability insurance on your independent contractor business already, you should have no cost to cover you for a workshop and name us as additionally insured.

Resources: Check with your insurance agent first for an annual policy, or an inexpensive “event” policy. There are numerous places online to buy insurance for events that should suffice. There are a lot of independent contractor insurance offerings, including for teachers and artists. Note: these are not recommendations, so please do your own research.




Cost Re-imbursement: We will reimburse you $50 on your first check to help offset any costs you may incur, per calendar year, only if your costs exceed $50, and only if you are needing to purchase it solely due to our requirement.