Workshop Info for Instructors / PDF Download

We’re looking for instructors!

Interested in teaching your workshop in one of our spaces? We’d love to hear from you!

First, we need you to read our entire instructor information handout to make sure you are on board with how we do things (One), read about our liability insurance requirement (Two), then the important part: fill out our online form with all of your workshop info for us to review (Three), download our instructor agreement (Four), and then submit your signed agreement via our online uploading form (Five).

We’ll be in touch! Questions?


This is a PDF with tons of information about our workshop spaces, location, amenities, and commission structure, insurance, etc. Please read this info over fully before submitting your workshop proposal and continuing with the application process.



Because our instructors are independent contractors, we require liability insurance coverage for your workshop. This protects you and us from any accident claims (like someone slips and falls in your workshop).



This is our online form you can fill out when you’re ready to submit your workshop proposal. We are interested in studio art workshops from one hour to 3 days (or more), or creative classes with an art bend to them. With this form, you can upload pics and other info, add weblinks and fill in all the important information about your workshop. Please do not fill this form out until your workshop plan is finalized. When you’re done, simply hit “submit” and we will have all your info. We will be in touch within 2 weeks.



This is our instructor-gallery agreement that outlines terms, payment structure, permission to photograph, etc. After you read through it and sign, you will want to submit the last (signed) page via the link below.



Return your signed contract here. You can use your smart phone to send a pic of your signed page.