Membership Program

Introducing our live-stream membership program

Imagine being able to watch every workshop we host in California from the comfort of your own studio.


Our membership program allows artists to watch all workshops we host in California live, and also have unlimited access to all of our past workshops in our video library.

Our membership program offers full and unlimited access to every workshop offered at Jen Tough Gallery through live-streaming, where viewing members can be a “fly on the wall” watching the best instructors and artists, while working in the comfort of their own studio. In addition, members have unlimited access to all previously recorded workshops, so they can re-watch techniques, processes or entire workshops as many times as desired. And for any questions about workshops, members are invited to be part of our private Facebook group, where members can post work and ask questions to the group and get valuable feedback and supportive community.

All you need is an Internet connection, a computer, smart phone or tablet!

Join us!

What’s included in a monthly membership:

Live-Streaming of All California Workshops

Every workshop we host will be live-streamed to our membership community. Members can be a “fly on the wall” to our Bay Area workshops via live-stream and learn from the finest instructors available while in the comfort of their own studios (or wherever there is an Internet connection). Imagine being able to tune in almost every weekend to watch and learn from some of the best instructors teaching today, while never leaving the studio!

Unlimited Viewing of All Past Recorded Workshops

Members enjoy unlimited access to previously live-streamed workshops in our library. After a workshop is live-streamed, it will be recorded, lightly edited for brevity, and uploaded to our online workshop library. Members have unlimited access to the library to watch any video as often as they like. Watch and re-watch workshops to practice techniques or re-visit topics and demos, with no restrictions or limitations. And our library will only grow the more workshops we record! There will always be new workshops added, new instructors to discover, and new things to learn.

Private Facebook Group for Members

We understand that community and feedback from other artists is a big part of learning visual art. That’s why we will host and moderate a private Facebook group for our members only, to ask questions about process, techniques, and receive feedback on new work. In addition, all previous instructors are invited members, so there are opportunities to continue conversation with them as well.

Membership Fees

Introductory monthly membership is only $49 per month for a limited time. Lock in your membership now with this low introductory rate!

Members are billed monthly with no annual contract or time commitment. Cancel anytime without penalties.

Once you sign up, you will receive a password to access our private member area for live-streaming and our video library.

Q & A

What is live-streaming? Live-streaming is a live video you watch on any computer, ipad or smart phone connected to the Internet. We have cameras set up in the workshops that live broadcast the workshop, and members are able to access it via our private viewing area. All live broadcasts are on California, USA time, but are recorded for later viewing by members in our library.

What do you mean by “fly on the wall”? It means that members can only watch the workshop or class, they cannot participate or ask questions of the instructor or other students. It is not a webinar, the instructor or other students will not hear or see the viewing members, or be able to interact.

How do I know what workshops are coming up, and if I want to join? You can see our current schedule HERE. We are adding workshops all the time, so stay tuned via our webpage here, or make sure to sign up for our newsletter (below). Our library will continue to grow with previously recorded workshops in the coming years, so there will always be new content.

Can I cancel if I don’t like it? There are no commitments, so you can cancel at any time with no penalties. Once you cancel, your membership will continue to the end of that month, and then your membership will not be renewed for the following month.

Are there refunds? There are no refunds on past months. However, if you decide to cancel, your subscription will not be renewed for the next month.

Can I watch on any device? Yes, wherever you have an Internet connection, you can view live-streamed workshops, and previously recorded workshops in our library on smart phones, a computer or tablet.

How is the quality of the video? We use a sophisticated streaming service that broadcasts and records in 4K, high definition video. That means you will not experience digitized or blurry broadcasts or video compression issues. It is currently the best live-streaming technology available today.

Do you have technical support? We can answer basic questions via email: in regard to our streaming, but computer skills and Internet issues we are not equipped to handle, and those issues should be addressed with your service provider or computer technician.