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SOLD OUT Diane Williams + Chuck Potter: Painting Bold

Painting Bold With Acrylics & Other Mediums

Instructors: Diane Williams + Chuck Potter

$475 / lunch included each day

In this 3-day workshop you will learn to be BOLD. Learn about the different stages of making a painting as we guide you through the process. Mark making is distinctive as your fingerprint adding a personal touch to your painting. Marks can energize a painting or highlight movement, rhythm or direction. This workshop will emphasize composition and movement using gesture, color, contrast and texture. By making a mark and responding to the mark we will build the painting. This approach infuses the painting with the feeling of freedom and adventure.

We will introduce unpredictable materials such as homemade rust solutions for a patina of age, sumi ink to enhance movements, and other mediums to explore texture. We will teach a multi-layered approach to painting giving the work complexity and depth. Using bold brush strokes, connecting the body to the canvas, brush loading techniques, and multiple working surfaces we will create a cohesive body of work.

Instructor Bios

Chuck and Diane have gained recognition as bold abstract painters who infuse a deeper emotional content by their mastery of materials. They both hold Master of Fine Arts degrees in Studio Art and Consciousness studies from John F Kennedy University in Berkeley, California. Additionally, both have studied at the University of Hangzhou China, incorporating calligraphy, traditional Chinese landscape painting and Chinese medicine with their western art practices. Their studios are located in Benicia, CA. (I AN I Studio) and Greenville, CA. (Diamond I AN I Studio). Their works can be found in corporate, public, and personal collections nationally and worldwide. Chuck and Diane also have an extensive exhibition list and workshop background.

Class will run 10:00-4:00 each day. Doors open at 9:30 AM each day.

Unlimited + free bottled waters, coffee and tea (bring your own carafe or mug). Sodas and sparkling waters available for $1 each.

Limited to 12 students.

Materials list provided upon purchase.

Questions? Info@JenTough.Gallery

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